About Us

Hey chemistry lover, You can understand by the name of the website, what topics are discussed on the website! Chemistry is an important subject of science. Which we use practically in daily life. Hey Chemistry reader!

I’m Syeda Simran Khatun, post graduated student. I am sure about that you will enjoy and gained your knowledge from this interesting topics which I deliver.

I dam sure about that you know how interesting to explore chemistry! For exploring chemistry, this website have four categories, like physical, inorganic, organic, and Q&A.

In fist three categories we have to read about the all theories and practical with examples but last one is interesting ,yeah its all our favourite, Q&A !!! In Q&A you will know that how much you understand the topics which is help for every competitive exam.

Why chemistryread.com?

In my childhood, I always curious about science and when I was in high school, I am really enjoy the chemistry. Now chemistry is my love and I passionate about this subject. I want to share my knowledge and at the same time I also want to gained more knowledge about chemistry.